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ReturnSafe App Information

For DMI's Warehouse Staff (ALL WAREHOUSE STAFF) - As part of our compliance with the new COVID executive order for NJ, DMI must ask employees to complete a COVID check-in before starting their shift every day.  


To make this as easy as possible, we’ve enlisted the help of an app called ReturnSafe which will provide the check-in questionnaire for employees to complete every day.  ReturnSafe app is a user-friendly and efficient alternative to paper screening surveys to determine when it’s safe to come to work.  Here is a short video explaining the ReturnSafe solution. 


Employees will be either told to stay home or cleared to go to work depending on how they answer the questionnaire.  It is mandatory that all employees complete their check-in every day before starting their shift.  No work will be given if you have not completed the check-in.  If you refuse, you will be sent home for the day.


As mentioned during the staff meetings, if you do not have a phone that is capable of downloading apps, there will be an iPad stationed with ReturnSafe already installed so you can complete your check-in there.  To decrease the number of shared surfaces everyone touches, it is highly advised that you complete the survey on your personal phone.  It is also highly recommended that you complete your check-in prior to leaving your home to come to work.


Please follow these simple steps to install and use the ReturnSafe app:

1) Install the App:

  • Android users:

  • iPhone users: 


2) Open the app, click Find My ReturnSafe Space, and enter the following company code: dmi (this is case sensitive, so please enter all lowercase)

3) Log in using your personal e-mail, cell phone number, and password that you create during account set up.


4) Each day you plan to come into work, complete the short screening survey before you leave your home (1-2 minutes).  You will receive guidance on whether to come in. 


Note: your survey responses are confidential and accessible only to designated administrators.


If you have any technical issues while installing or using ReturnSafe, please visit or email for assistance.


Please install ReturnSafe and complete the registration—we will begin requiring daily check-ins starting on Sunday night, 12/13. 


If you have any questions about the screening survey, the resulting recommendations, or our privacy policies please contact me at or at (347)964-8957.