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Whse Update for Week of 4/5-4/11 2020

Good Morning DMI Warehouse Staff; I hope everyone is well, healthy, and safe during this unprecedented and uncertain time, it is critically important to me that we stay connected. I understand we’re all currently inundated with an almost-constant influx of information but it is important to keep the staff up to date on news at DMI. As you all are aware DMI, our staff, and our members are classified as “essential business” by a number of state and local governments, it is our mission to continue to provide the same level of service to our members that they have come to know from DMI. So first and foremost THANK YOU to our dedicated staff for continue doing your work during very tough times. Please note the DMI Warehouse will return to a normal schedule for next week (Week of 4/5/20 – 4/11-20). DMI's commitment to our warehouse staff continues as we will continue to offer $2 more an hour for *Every Hour* worked and overtime will be paid beyond 8 hours in a single day. We have asked our members who use AM Trucking to go back to your normal days and habits for scheduling your trucks. KRA Good Stock and Damage Returns - Members may resume returns starting Monday April 6th, 2020 DMI Continues to maintain a clean and safe environment at our warehouse and offices with regular cleanings using enhanced methods to ensure everything is clean and safe for our staff. Our Covid-19 policy is still in place, which can be viewed at: DMI will continue to update and offer resources at our Covid-19 Resource website: For any HR questions please contact: Brittny at Finally; The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) poster with important information regarding the new act which will be posted in our break rooms and on our Covid-19 web site too. It can be viewed here: Thank you all for your ongoing support & please stay safe, Alan

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