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Warehouse Pay - March 22 - April; 24, 2020

Good Morning DMI Staff;

During a very difficult and confusing time you are all going above and beyond to serve our members and DMI couldn’t be more proud of your outstanding efforts!

Here is the decision DMI has made to further support you:

· To offer you extra support during this challenging time; DMI will temporary  increase wages for any staff member working in the DMI Warehouse, Starting Sunday Night – March 22nd, 2020  to April 24th, 2020;

o Any staff member who works in the warehouse will receive an extra $2 an hour worked (not including any sick, personal, or vacation time taken).

o Any staff member working over 8 hours on a single day will receive overtime pay.

DMI will also work with the staff to accommodate days/hours you can work during this difficult time. We are hoping our staff can work normal scheduled times however, if you are unable to work your normal shift please contact me so we can discuss.

For any staff unable to work at all please contact Brittny in HR -

DMI is looking at all possible avenues to help support staff unable to work either due to caring for someone who has become ill, being asked to quarantine by DMI or medical staff, staying home while ill themselves, or unable to work because you are at a higher risk to become ill. The laws are quickly changing and we are working hard to stay on top of all the changes so we can best help support our staff. Please communicate with us so we can best help!

I want our staff to know DMI is here to help and any staff member unable to work, DMI will work with you to figure out the best way to handle your situation.

As you know DMI has increased our cleaning efforts and is providing additional cleaning supplies so our staff can work in a clean and healthy environment. If you see anything lacking or feel there is more we can do please reach out to me!

All our staff is working hard during a difficult time and DMI appreciates this! DMI is an essential business providing the tools to help families and businesses maintain fresh and frozen food, allow families to provide safe meals and clean clothing at a time it is most needed during this pandemic. DMI is the backbone for our members who deliver, install, and service the tools needed in people’s homes and businesses at a time of uncertainty so THANK YOU for your support and hard work!



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