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Standard Overtime Resumes

Dear DMI Warehouse Staff;

There is an unbelievable amount of appreciation from Management and our Members towards the hard work being accomplished by our warehouse staff and supervisors. The past few months have been unbelievably busy, as the current pandemic brought new challenges to our business.  

While the changes that we made to help compensate our warehouse staff have been well deserved, the company will be returning to our standard policy regarding overtime.  As of August 1st, 2020, DMI will go back to paying overtime to those who work over 40 regulars hours in a week. For the time being, our warehouse staff will continue to receive $2 more per hour, for every hour worked onsite.

DMI will also continue to run the increased cleaning to our facility and provide the proper PPE as a way to facilitate a healthy and safe work environment.

Again, thank you to our warehouse staff for all your hard work and dedication to your jobs. Our warehouse is a vital part of our business, and it's your hard work that allows DMI to provide much-needed home goods to customers in a timely fashion.   Thank You!


DMI Mgmt.

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