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Shift Change Due to Hamilton Township curfew


Good Afternoon DMI Staff, The city of Hamilton, NJ, and Trenton, NJ is instilling a curfew tonight that will begin at 7 pm (June 1st) and end at 6 am on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020. This curfew orders all businesses to close and all residents to be home as of 7 pm tonight. It is also believed neighboring towns will do the same to form a regional curfew. With that said, the DMI Warehouse must be closed from 7 pm to 6 am. We are asking ALL warehouse staff (Night and Day shifts) to report to work at 6:30 am (June 2nd) in an effort to begin our pulls and prep for shipping in the early morning. I know this is a last-minute request to change your schedules, this information came to us just a short time ago, and DMI greatly appreciates everyone making their best effort to make it into work. Thank you for your support and cooperation, DMI Mgmt

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