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Office Staff Summer Schedule

DMI Office Staff,

You will be emailed the updated Summer 2020 Office Schedule.

AM = You will be done with your 3.5 hour shift by 11:45am (Office opens at 7am for staff to start)

PM = You will begin your shift no sooner than 12pm and be done by 3:55pm (Office closes at 4pm)

(Speak to your supervisor if you’re unsure the specific time your expected to be in)

All Day = your full shift is in the office, again speak to your supervisor if you’re unsure the hours.

For those of you coming back to the office for the first time since March, Welcome Back!


Due to specific requirements by our local and state health departments – DMI has decided to continue a modified work schedule for our office. This is to limit the number of staff in the office at any given time and keep staff safe.

Attached is the NEW UPDATED modified office schedule starting July 7th, 2020, and we will re-evaluate the plan at the beginning of September. However, until further notice, beginning July 7th, the attached will be our in-office schedule. As it has been, we expect that staff is working the balance of their full 35-hour workweek from home when they are not physically in the office.

If someone notices an error with the schedule, please email Alan.

The new schedule is set up to allow every staff member to be onsite at least once a week for half a day except the few staff members who have always worked from home. Some staff are being asked to come two times a week into the office, and other staff members will continue to work multiple days a week, as they have since the beginning of our change in schedule. Also, some staff will continue to be required to work full days in the office, as their jobs dictate that need.

Our goal is to ensure staff member has at least 6 feet of space separating from another person while at work to ensure a safe environment. Masks are required when moving around the office and in the presence of other staff. If you are either alone or at least 10 feet away from someone else, and want to take a break from your mask, that will be allowed assuming those around you are ok with that. Again we want all staff to feel safe and stay healthy, so we all need to do our part to ensure this. All high traffic doors now have hands free door handles designed for you to use your arm to open doors the pull to open, and kick plates to use your feet to push open. No more than three people are allowed in our break room at any given time. And we will continue to limit in-person meetings to one on one sessions only. No group meetings will occur at this time as well. Visitors will be limited to only service techs as needed and scheduled vendor rep visits, which will be limited to 1 rep at a time. We ask that no unnecessary visitors come into the faculty.

Please review the attached schedule, and if there is an error or concern, please email me directly.

Thanks, everyone,


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