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IMPORTANT - Please Read: DMI Polices, Sick Time Restoration, and Updates

Good Afternoon DMI Staff,

Please read this entire email – it contains very important information regarding all staff -

Covid-19 created a lot of confusion and concern when it first started and while the threat is still active, in general, there is a lot more clarity now on many aspects regarding the virus and its impact. Like most businesses; DMI rolled with the punches as we learned together what the impact of this virus was, what a lockdown means for us (personally and professionally), and how to deal with the rapidly changing news and laws. At this time a lot more is clear on the situation and while the circumstances will continue to be shifting, we can now begin to plan and operate with consistency.

Per my email yesterday, our warehouse staff will continue to receive $2 more an hour, for every hour worked onsite. The warehouse staff will also receive overtime based on a per day amount of hours worked (over 8 hours in a day). The office will continue to work a hybrid schedule with a mix of onsite and work from home hours. This will continue for the time being and be re-evaluated once a month… Once it is clear we can start to restore things back to a resemblance of normal we will alert everyone.

As a business it is imperative, with exceptions to the items above, we resume business as usual to the best of our ability. With that said I would like to remind the entire staff of DMI’s  sick time/frequent absence policy and lateness policy (with modification due to the punch clock suspension).

Before I review policy; there are two important items I want to highlight:

1) We have received some complaints regarding individuals who share workspaces, having issues with sanitary habits, PLEASE remember you need to clean up your workspaces before leaving your shift. We are a team, and as a team, we need to be considerate for our co-workers now more than ever.

2) We realize some staff took sick days when the pandemic began unsure of things and concerned to come to work. Because it is paramount that we resume and follow company policy DMI is offering a way to get sick time back that was used due to Covid-19 Below are the guidelines…

Sick Time Restoration:

This is a special, one time occurrence, in which DMI had designed a plan to allow staff to put time back into their sick time PTO (Paid Time Off)  to allow for sick days later this year and to help prevent the threat of being written up due to taking a sick day without PTO to cover the day.

1) You may restore Sick PTO by transferring PTO from personal or vacation hours to your sick PTO.

2) You may restore Sick PTO by converting onsite worked hours to sick PTO time

3) You may ONLY restore your PTO based on sick time an individual took between March 1st, 2020 to May 19, 2020, and your sick PTO may not exceed a total of 9 days (72 hours for warehouse staff and 63 hours for office staff).

4) You must make a request to transfer Personal or Vacation PTO to HR (Brittny - before June 30th, 2020

5) You may only transfer worked hours to sick PTO up to June 30th, 2020 – with a limit of 8 worked hours per week

a. (For Example, a staff member works onsite 40 hours in a given week, options to have 8 hours transferred to sick PTO, and will be paid for the remaining 32 hours as usual)

b. Any request to transfer worked hours to sick PTO must be emailed to by Friday 2pm, for the current week, prior to payroll being completed for that week.

c. You may not go back to pervious paid weeks to transfer time to sick PTO

As a reminder here is DMI’s Sick time, Frequent absence, and lateness policy – please note items in bold that have been modified due to Covid-19, and will only be in place until we announce business is returning back to normal;


Employees are granted nine sick days in a 365-day period (Contract Year Start to Contract Year End). Employees may use singular or multiple sick days for any reason, however, when an employee is out three or more consecutive days, they must present management with a doctor’s note before resuming work. When an employee calls out of work for an unplanned day off, the employee must use a paid sick day (unless the employee is using FMLA, at which time the employee has the option to take the day paid or unpaid). Employees may not utilize a vacation or personal day in lieu of a sick day.

If an employee exhausts all of their paid sick time, each subsequent call-out of time off (unpaid) will result in disciplinary action:

• 1st call-out (unpaid sick day) – Verbal Warning

• 2nd call-out – First Notification

• 3rd call-out – Second Notification

• 4th call-out – Final Notification

• 5th call-out – Termination

Please note that DMI considers a call-out to be one or more consecutive unplanned days out.


To maintain a fair and productive work environment, DMI expects employees to be reliable and punctual in reporting for scheduled work. Employees arriving late for their scheduled work time can negatively impact both the business and other employees. For every instance that an employee is late more than 3 times, they will be subject to disciplinary action.

Under normal circumstances DMI allows employees a 7-minute grace period from the time they are scheduled to start their shift to punch in to the time clock. Employees arriving after the 7-minute grace period will be docked the appropriate time late at 15 minutes intervals and considered late. However with punch clocks suspended for our warehouse staff only – we are modifying the policy for lateness to the following: Warehouse staff is expected to report to work to a warehouse supervisor within 15 minutes of their scheduled start time. Staff reporting to work past 15 minutes will follow the policy of lateness (example: If you are scheduled to start your shift at 8pm your expected to report to the warehouse office to work no later than 8:15pm). If you are considered late you will be docked the time late and will be subject to disciplinary action:

4th lateness– Verbal Warning

8th lateness– First Notification

12th lateness– Second Notification

16th lateness– Final Notification

20th lateness– Termination

DMI does not consider preapproved shift changes as a lateness. However, employees are responsible for letting their Supervisor/Manager or Human Resources know of any shift changes at least 24 hours prior to the start of their shift.

Thank you reading over all this important information, we truly appreciate all the hard work and continued support from the entire DMI staff!

Stay Well,


Alan Joskowicz

Director of Operations

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