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DMI Face Covering/Glove Policy - Required

Good Evening DMI Staff, This email is a reminder, per Executive Order No. 122 signed by NJ Governor Murphy, DMI is requiring ALL DMI Staff and any necessary visitors to wear a face covering and gloves while onsite at DMI, with exception when an individual is in a space in the building completely alone (i.e. Bathroom stall). If a staff member is found not wearing a face covering while working or being present in a common area, you will be asked to put a face cover on. If a staff member refuses to wear a face-covering or is repeatedly need to be asked, that staff member will be written up, and could be asked to go home for the remainder of their shift without pay. This is a very serious policy, and the state of NJ is mandating it, so please help us by following this new policy during this active pandemic. The new order states all “…Manufacturing businesses, warehousing businesses, and businesses engaged in essential construction projects must adopt policies that include, at minimum, the following requirements…” “…Require workers and visitors to wear cloth face coverings, in accordance with CDC recommendations, while on the premises, except where doing so would inhibit the individual’s health or the individual is under two years of age, and require workers to wear gloves while on the premises. Businesses must provide, at their expense, such face coverings and gloves for their employees. If a visitor refuses to wear a cloth face covering for non-medical reasons and if such covering cannot be provided to the individual by the business at the point of entry, then businesses must decline entry to the individual. Nothing in the stated policy should prevent workers or visitors from wearing a surgical-grade mask or other more protective face covering if the individual is already in possession of such equipment, or if the businesses is otherwise required to provide such worker with more protective equipment due to the nature of the work involved. Where an individual declines to wear a face covering on the premises due to a medical condition that inhibits such usage, neither the business nor its staff shall require the individual to produce medical documentation verifying the stated condition…” DMI will provide face masks for staff members and visitors who do not already have their own face covering. We ask if you can provide your own face covering or mask to please do so, however, if you're unable to, we have masks and gloves on site. Thanks, Alan Joskowicz Director of Operations


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