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COVID-19 Notification

Good Evening DMI Staff, Members, and Business Partners

DMI received notification of a staff member in our warehouse that has tested positive for COVID-19.  On 3/18/2020 we had reported that this staff member’s spouse, had tested positive for COVID-19. This staff member was tested that morning and has been asked to stay home since then to ensure they are symptom free since that news.

Individuals who potentially came in close contact with this staff member  have already been informed. "Close contacts" is defined as those persons in the work place who had prolonged or close personal interaction with a positive COVID-19 case. It appears no staff had “close contact” with this employee when this employee’s symptoms began. And this employee has been away from work since the onset of symptoms, stating 3/18/2020.

DMI has had many deep cleanings of the entire building including all machines being used by staff since we first became aware of the staff members’ spouse’s test results.

As we continue to see more cases identified throughout New Jersey and New York, everyone is reminded of the importance of adhering to social distancing precautions. This will help slow the spread of illness. Please follow public health preventative practices every day. Stay home when you are ill and avoid others with symptoms. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol. Cover your coughs and sneezes using a tissue or sleeve. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces often. If you become ill, call the doctor or hospital.

For more information, visit the New Jersey Department of Health website at , or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at



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