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Good Afternoon DMI Staff, DMI was able to purchase face masks for the staff; however, we only have a limited supply, so we need to conserve our stock to allow it to last. I am asking our warehouse supervisors to supply each staff member with one mask per person who needs a mask. If you have your own mask, we ask you to use that and allow the masks at DMI be saved for those who do not have. We will try to offer a new mask, per staff member, per week. At this rate, our current stock of masks will last us about 6-7 weeks. We also ask to try to use one pair of gloves per shift if possible, knowing when they rip mid-shift, you would need to replace the ripped glove. Regarding the Clorox/Lysol wipes – we are asking you to use only one wipe per machine or workstation you take over. Our supply of wipes is becoming very low very fast. We are working on getting more or a spray substitute. Using one wipe and then working with a pair of gloves should allow you to work with a clean machine while keeping you safe. Even with all this in place, the two best ways to prevent being infected with Covad-19 is social distancing and proper hygiene… including to never touch your face when they are not properly cleaned! In our office, we will also have enough gloves and masks for each staff member, but I am asking office staff to try to conserve the stock of masks and gloves that we have set aside for the office. DMI will continue to work on trying to purchase more cleaning supplies; including wipes and spray. We will also continue to have frequent cleanings from our professional cleaning service multiple times a week, and directly after the unfortunate event, anyone is found to have been identified to have the virus. DMI will also continue to suspend the use of punch clocks until it is safe. Thanks to all our staff for your hard work and dedication. Stay Safe, Alan

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