New DMI Handbook and Staff Meetings - Important - Please Read


To ALL DMI Staff;


DMI Mgmt. would like to thank all the DMI staff for their continued support and hard work! It is important we have the best form of communication to ensure all employees are up to date on changes and events at DMI. With that, we have a new DMI Employee Handbook effective immediately, which can be view here: once you sign-up to access the new employee intranet:


  • This new site will include updated information and forms for DMI employees. The information on this website is for DMI staff only.


  • When signing up please use your DMI email address (or the email your DMI paystub is sent to if you don’t have a DMI email).



DMI will be holding 3 staff meetings in the next few weeks to review key points in the employee handbook, company news, and more. This will also give staff a chance to ask questions regarding the handbook or other topics.


The meetings will be held as followed:


  • ALL DMI Office Staff – Monday, February 24th, 2020 at 10 am in the DMI Board Room


  • DMI Warehouse Night Shift Employees and Supervisors – Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 at 8 pm in the Warehouse Break Room


  • DMI Warehouse Day Shift Employees and Supervisions – Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 at 7 am in the Warehouse Break Room


Please make sure to make your best effort to come to this meeting!



Also, I wanted to bring attention to the updated DMI policies regarding attendance and sick time:



Employees that are unable to report to work for any reason should e-mail in order to advise the appropriate parties. This is to be used any time an employee is unable to work their scheduled hours, whether it be arriving late, leaving early, or unable to come in for their scheduled shift.

The e-mail must include the following information: employee number (this can be located on your pay stub), employee name, type of absenteeism (sick, FMLA no-pay, FMLA sick-pay, bereavement, leaving early, etc.). Employees are advised to only include the pertinent information listed prior. If management requires more information, they will reach out to the employee.

This step does not need to be taken for scheduled absences (ex. personal days, vacation days).



When you are unable to work for any reason, please e-mail which will notify the appropriate parties. This will allow DMI to arrange for temporary coverage of your duties and helps other employees to continue work in your absence. If you do not report for work and DMI is not notified of your status, it will be assumed after three consecutive days of unplanned absence that you have resigned, and you will be removed from the payroll. All unplanned absences exceeding 3 days require documentation from your Health Care Provider and are subject to verification. You must provide the corresponding document to Human Resources prior to being reinstated to work.

If you become ill while at work or must leave the office for some other reason before the end of the workday, you must verbally or personally inform your supervisor/manager of the situation. is meant only to report an unscheduled absence – please do not disclose any personal information when emailing the HR email address. Simply stating you will be out sick is enough. When you need to email HR with more details please email our HR Assistant Manager directly, Brittny, or she will reply directly to you with any needed follow-up questions. If you need to speak to Brittny regarding an HR matter, please email her to schedule an appointment.



Employees are granted nine sick days in a 365-day period. Employees may use singular or multiple sick days for any reason, however, when an employee is out three or more consecutive days, they must present management with a doctor’s note before resuming work.

When an employee calls out of work for an unplanned day off, the employee must use a paid sick day (unless the employee is using FMLA, at which time the employee has the option to take the day paid or unpaid).

Employees may not utilize vacation or personal days in lieu of a sick day.

If an employee exhausts all of their paid sick time, each subsequent call-out of time off (unpaid) will result in disciplinary action: 

  • 1st call-out (10th sick day out) – Verbal Warning

  • 2nd call-out – First Notification

  • 3rd call-out – Second Notification

  • 4th call-out – Final Notification

  • 5th call-out – Termination

Please note that DMI considers a call-out to be one or more consecutive unplanned days out.

Please note the SICK TIME/FREQUENT ABSENCES POLICY goes into effect as of this email – any pending write up that was issued based on the old sick policy will be disregarded. 


We will be posting the policies above at the time clocks to ensure all staff is aware.


Thank you very much and have a wonderful weekend,

DMI Mgmt.