Damage Returns Temporary Process

Updated -11/23/2020

Nov. 23, 2929

During the month of December 2020 - returns can only come back on Mon, Wed, and Thursdays by appointment only.


Nov. 6, 2020

Attn. DMI Members,


Recently Saby, who runs our damage department, suffered a serious injury and will need to be out of work for a period of time.


While we have been cross-training staff to help fill in when Saby is away for vacation or other reasons, that training was not seen to completion prior to Saby’s injury.


Because of this, we will be running the damage return process a little differently than normal until Saby returns.


  • ALL Damage Returns must be scheduled ahead of time prior to bringing approved return items back to the DMI warehouse.


  • Damages can only be scheduled to come back Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


  • We will begin to accept damage scheduled returns starting Wednesday, November, 11th 2020

    • You may begin requesting an appointment to return  Monday, November 9th, 2020


  • We will only accept scheduled damage returns and the item you return must match the approved damage KRA, failure to do this could result in losing the ability to receive credit for the return!


DMI will only accept scheduled damage returns and the item you return must match the approved damage KRA, failure to do this could result in losing the ability to receive credit for the return!



Please note:


  • The process to return a KRA has not changed and the KRA will need to be APPROVED before you can schedule a delivery.


  • Scheduling a damaged KRA that is still in NEW or PRINTED status may result in loss of credit to the dealer.


  • Damages are not allowed to come back to DMI unless they are in APPROVED status and scheduled!  


  • Please keep in mind that our approval process is operating at a reduced rate due to Saby’s injury and we thank you for your patience as we try our best to return to speed.

We ask our members to work with us as we resume damages under this new temporary appointment only procedure.


Thanks for your cooperation,

DMI Mgmt.