New Order Entry Process Coming Soon


August 12, 2020

Attn. DMI Members,




At the last DMI Board of Directors meeting, the concerns with allocations and inventory were discussed in great detail. A new way to handle order entry was voted on and approved to begin coding and executing the new process to improve the issues we have seen.


Our goal is to go live with this new process by September 16th, 2020 (The first day after the virtual NECO show), which allows us to go over the new process over a meeting and take questions regarding it before it goes live. Please keep in mind the new process is being coded in tandem of the work being done to move our order entry data to an isolated database to help improve stability as well, so the go-live date is subject to change if issues occur during testing.


Without further ado, here is the new Order Entry Process coming soon;



Lock/Unlock Order Process


When placing an order, you have the option to LOCK an order, here are the rules of engagement:


Unlocked orders:

  • Will auto cancel as normal (Allocation Cancel based on 30/10 Day Model rules)

  • No penalty at auto allocation cancel or if dealer cancels anytime

  • Can lose allocation to an “auto seek” if another dealer puts in a seek request for the item (from oldest allocation to newest).

    • All Allocation Seek Requests will be automated in the request center, with human intervention only when an error or exception occurs (such as the item fails to successfully allocate).

    • A “seek” item allocated is auto locked

  • Allocation Qty will show on Reports and Retail Deck

  • Alerts will be sent when you lose an item by auto seek, item will automatically go to backorder (with the date the item was lost)

  • 3 Days Protection on unlocked orders – allocation will not be subject to auto seek for 3 days starting the day of allocation


Locked orders:

  • Will NOT cancel as normal

  • Will Auto cancel after 45 days and a penalty will be charged

  • Tier Penalties:

    • Cancel 3 days or less of allocation – No Penalty

    • Cancel 4 Days – 15 days after allocation – Chapter Commission as Penalty

    • Cancel over 15 days after allocation – Double Commission

  • Can NOT lose allocation to an auto seek, however if DMI staff requests to take an item from a locked order and they get the ok, no penalty when the item is taken, and goes to backorder (date of original allocation date)

    • Seeker will auto lock

  • Allocation Qty of locked orders will not show on Retail Deck or Reports (Ex: If we have 100 allocated and 45 are locked allocation, deck will only show 55 allocated)

  • Locked Order Returns (Good Stock, KRA) will not get commission credited

  • Can Lock entire order or by line

Reducing Qty = Cancelling those items (Meaning if you order 5, and reduce to 3 – you cancelled 2 Qty of that item)


All time frames based on allocation date not order date (items with various allocation dates will be based on their allocation date so if you cancel an entire line item with 3 Qty – and 3 allocated two days ago and 1 Qty allocated Twelve days ago, you would only pay penalty on the item that allocated twelve days ago).


Auto-Seeks - will automatically lock, with no grace period to cancel. Auto-seeks will follow rules of Locked Order except if cancelled at any time it will automatically be charged double commission penalty.


DMI Staff will be unable to reverse a auto-seek or penalty. This is to ensure those who pull allocations from others are committed to the item(s). There are no exceptions for locked orders, if you allocate and lock merchandise you are telling us the items are sold and your committed to taking them.


There is a limit to how many allocations you lock, up to the amount of your current credit limit. Once you reach this amount you would be unable to lock more items until you pull or cancel the locked items already in the system.


These measures are being put in place to allow every member at DMI a fair chance to pull goods they need from the group. These measures are also in place to help prevent any “gaming” of the system. We will continue to watch for red flags and address as needed.


Thanks for your cooperation,  

DMI Mgmt.