Warehouse Hours for Tonight


Good Afternoon DMI Members,


The plan for this evening (evening of June 2nd, 2020) is:


  • Night Shift Warehouse workers who did NOT come in this morning – are expected to report to work at their normal start time tonight; so we will begin pulling merchandise at our normal times however it will be a reduced staff so please be prepared for delays. Because of this if you do NOT need to have merchandised pulled tonight please update you ship-date appropriately.


  • Night Shift Warehouse workers who DID come in this morning will start at a later time based on the time they left work this afternoon; meaning additional staff support will slowly come in through the early morning.


  • ALL Day shift will start normal times on June 3rd, 2020; which allows normal receiving’s.


  • ALL Night Shift Warehouse workers expected to report to work at a normal time Thursday Night (June 4th), to allow DMI to resume fully normal operations.


Please note: There is an announced curfew in place in Hamilton, NJ starting at 7 pm again however the Mayor’s office has exempted certain businesses due to the nature of their business. DMI and its staff have been exempt from the curfew and may run normal operations, this was confirmed by the Hamilton Police Department. For those interested the notice is below.


TRUCKING NOTE– I was informed trucks with NJ Plates may be pulled over from 7pm to 6am when traveling in Hamilton, NJ due to the curfew. I was also told trucks with NY Plates would be given a pass. 

The DMI whse will be operating however if you have NJ Plates on your trucks please check with Hamilton police before traveling into Hamilton during the curfew hours of 7pm – 6am

Those with NJ plates planning to come to us during the curfew hours should take the most direct route possible avoiding local roadways as best as you can!


Thanks again to all our members for your support and cooperation during these very last minutes changes.


Take care,