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Action Required - New Punch Clock


Attn.  DMI Warehouse Staff,


In an effort to ensure accuracy of attendance while continuing to provide a safe environment at work, DMI has installed a new, voice-activated, punch clock which will allow staff to punch in and out without the need to physically touch the clock.

Below is a how-to guide and the punch clock itself also has on-screen guidance.


The use of the new punch clock will be required Starting August 16th and then going forward. As of 8/16/2020, you must resume the action of punching in and out for your shift, lunch, or when leaving the company premises for any reason.


We will resume the standard 7 minute grace period, those who punch in after 7 minutes past their shift start time or 7 minutes before their shift end time will be docked as before.


The voice-activated clock takes a picture to verify who is punching in, if the camera is obstructed by a person for any reason the punch will not count and you will be written up for attempting to circumvent the punching process.


Buddy-Punching (Buddy punching is when a coworker punches for a co-worker in their absence) will result in disciplinary action including a write-up and possible termination at the first offense, please do not punch for anyone other than yourself!


If you have an issue punching in, you must email the problem right away. The timestamp of the email will act as your punch if we can cross-reference security footage that you were on-site and in front of the camera at the time you email HR. If you do not have a cell phone to send an email then you should report directly to a supervisor or manager of the issue so it may be coerced right away.


Thanks for your cooperation,

DMI Mgmt.

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